mobmon 12.0 Basic - 12 Lead Resting ECG

  • Diagnostic quality 12-lead Resting ECG
  • ECG Reports can be annotated, generated, and shared
  • Battery Operated
  • Print from mobile to WiFi or Bluetooth Printer
  • Ultra-portable kit

mobmon 12.0 Telemedicine Connect

The same as mobmon 12.0 Basic, but uses your mobile's WiFi or Data connection to keep your recordings safe and reduce reporting time. mobmon 12.0 Telemedicine Features:
  • Data Transfer - Automatically safeguards your ECG Recordings by transferring to your PC (PC ECG Viewer included)
  • Stream ECG - A live patient-connected ECG can be streamed and viewed on a remote mobile improving response/reporting time.

mobmon 12.0 Kits

The mobmon 12.0 in a carrying kit that optionally includes Bluetooth Glucometer, BP, Weigh Scale,SpO2 and Thermometer
(Coming Soon...Not Yet Available in EU)
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mobmon 12.0: Reports and Printing

  • Generate and Share High Quality Reports from you Mobile
  • ECG Report is fully annotated
  • Attach to Email
  • Print to WiFi - Enquire about Samsung WiFi Printer
  • Print to Bluetooth Strip - Enquire about Bluetooth Printer
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